Bedtime Tales Inc. the Art of Jasbir John Singh is founded by Asha Jacob and Jasbir John Singh. Before partners, Asha was the art muse of Jasbir. Their love for the arts would see them pairing up to deliver their unique perspectives on art and photography.

Jasbir John Singh is an award-winning fine art photographer based in Singapore. After nearly 5 years of shooting all genres of photography, he would ground himself working on conceptual themes which are greatly influenced by films, literature and theater. He is widely regarded as "the photographer who shoots theater in stills."

Having been inspired by the works of, master painter Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn who’s works illuminated the very real facets of human life often shielded from the public imagination, and Peter Lindhberg, one of the most influential contemporary photographers of modern times who redefined fashion photography, Jasbir envisioned a body of work that was unique, expressive and artistically tasteful, and devised his own process of creating storyboards that are either written or drawn which are then turned into photographic art.

In 2016, Jasbir's fine art series called, Intentions was featured by LensCulture in the prestigious Emerging Photographers Awards. In 2017, he would appear on Season 4 of History Channel's Photo Face-Off. In a personal critique of his work, LensCulture stated that one of the more compelling elements of his work is the highly-charged sense of atmosphere, which not only resulted in dramatic and effective photographs, but tied the images to an otherworldly realm via another state of consciousness or a subconscious mind. In 2018, LensCulture described his submission, The Ratirahasya, for the 2018 Black and White Photography Awards as “a body of work that has distinct political and social relevance”.

He also debuted as an illustrator in 2017 for a book called, Walls of Insomnia by Brethren Demonica, who described Jasbir's work as “grippingly dark and skillfully artistic”.

Jasbir, now, mainly shoots fine art work. He believes that, before an artist or photographer, he is a story-teller and that much like Rembrandt and Peter Lindhberg he too will one day cement his name in the history books as a master of his craft.